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Look at the shiny pictures! They dance before my eyes like jangly, foil-fettered bats in a cloud of sparkly hum-flup.

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Go forth and DIY...

(viewed 362 times)
17th Jan 2007, 19:09   comments (1)


(viewed 477 times)
8th Dec 2006, 01:33   comments (0)

Karma Comma

(viewed 414 times)
30th Oct 2006, 02:12   comments (0)

"Impossible to see, the spelling is"

(viewed 436 times)
If only. Sky Movies. Are they capable of making a blatant spelling
mistake? Yes. Yes, they are.?
24th Sep 2006, 00:42   comments (0)

Too Much Jimmy Carr

(viewed 430 times)
19th Aug 2006, 19:12   comments (1)

Vickie & Man

(viewed 385 times)
This may be a clothes shop, or perhaps Vickie plies a different trade altogether? It would seem advertising plenty of parking in front picks up more business.
25th May 2006, 04:07   comments (0)

Campfire hypnosis

(viewed 520 times)
Just add a freezing English winter night. And possibly marshmallows on sticks.
13th Mar 2006, 00:44   comments (3)

Eating-out tips No. 165 - Always make sure you know what you're ordering

(viewed 446 times)
I like the way someone has added the word 'jacket' later on, potentially after many food orders that went something like "you sell potatoes with what?"
18th Feb 2006, 23:56   comments (2)
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