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Welcome to the Red Nose Day 2007 Moblog.
Get Involved!

This moblog is for absolutely anyone to text in pictures or video of themselves celebrating Red Nose Day direct from your camera-phone or email address.

Getting your pictures and video posted to the moblog from your mobile is easy, just text them to 60300 with the word 'nose' somewhere in the message.

Alternatively, to send in your post by email, just send your pictures or video to: <
Remember, sending an MMS from your phone only costs what your network operator charges, there is no charge above this, which is ordinarily around 30 pence

Your post will be visible for everyone to see, comment on, rate and share. Some people have posted pictures of themselves wearing Red Noses, others have posted short video clips of themselves telling jokes, but above all, post whatever Red Nose Day means to you.

If you'd like to use a Red Nose Day avatar this week, or even on the day, please download and use this moblogUK Red Nose Day avatar:

Enjoy, and remember if you need any help at all, our help pages are right here: moblogUK Help.

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Here is another photo from our celebrity charity auctions! This time it's those legends of British kid's TV, The Chuckle Brothers!! This is the only photo you can find of Chuckle Brother being serious :)

Bid online for this item at and remember, all the proceeds will go to Comic Relief!


Ian at Sapphires
15th Mar 2007, 23:41   comments (6)

Celebrity Charity Auctions

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Sapphires Model Management is auctioning portraits of celebrities we have taken for Comic Relief. This is our Linda Barker portrait; for more like this visit to get to the auctions!


The team at Sapphires
15th Mar 2007, 21:38   comments (2)

Red Nose Chicken

(viewed 1217 times)
The highlight of my dinner.

posted by Blue Eyes

15th Mar 2007, 21:00   comments (1)


(viewed 605 times)
15th Mar 2007, 16:25   comments (0)

Family Noses / His Nose Is Running

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posted by James

15th Mar 2007, 15:05   comments (2)

Morning Nose

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posted by James

15th Mar 2007, 15:04   comments (0)

Red Nose Day Waxing!

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Egged on by some folks on my moblog I have decided to wax my
frontal regions for charidee.On Friday the 16th of March, at 8pm GMT, I shall be waxing my entire chest and belly, you may not know this, but my frontals are formidably hairy.

If you'd like to see me perform this heinous and I'm sure rather painful
act, please* donate to my fund*, which you can do: Here Only 20���£ left to hit my target! TARGET HIT! Thanks everyone :)
15th Mar 2007, 13:02   comments (19)

Pic for the moblog!

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I've got my red nose, have you got yours?

posted by James Morrison
15th Mar 2007, 12:50   comments (2)