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Welcome to the Red Nose Day 2007 Moblog.
Get Involved!

This moblog is for absolutely anyone to text in pictures or video of themselves celebrating Red Nose Day direct from your camera-phone or email address.

Getting your pictures and video posted to the moblog from your mobile is easy, just text them to 60300 with the word 'nose' somewhere in the message.

Alternatively, to send in your post by email, just send your pictures or video to: <
Remember, sending an MMS from your phone only costs what your network operator charges, there is no charge above this, which is ordinarily around 30 pence

Your post will be visible for everyone to see, comment on, rate and share. Some people have posted pictures of themselves wearing Red Noses, others have posted short video clips of themselves telling jokes, but above all, post whatever Red Nose Day means to you.

If you'd like to use a Red Nose Day avatar this week, or even on the day, please download and use this moblogUK Red Nose Day avatar:

Enjoy, and remember if you need any help at all, our help pages are right here: moblogUK Help.

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Red Nose Day at Rowfant Colas

(viewed 1764 times)
Colas supporting Red Nose Day at our head office, Rowfant, West Sussex, raising £600 and still counting by darts competition, pay for dress down day with a fine for anyone not wearing red, cake sales..

Claire Prosser,

Rowfant Colas Ltd.
16th Mar 2007, 17:32   comments (0)

This is what we're doing for Red Nose day!

(viewed 915 times)
16th Mar 2007, 17:29   comments (1)

The Great Waxing, 2007...

Golly. I take it back. Waxing is sore. Really sore. If you can bear it, I've video'd my waxing process, although not the whole thing, it took some time, and all of the 20 waxing strips I had.

As well as the main event, there is a small bonus video attached; the nipple waxing! I had to complete my task early as I have to be out this evening, but the great waxing 2007 is now documented and online for future generations to learn about the definition of stupidity.

I don't know when the redness will go down, but Mat advised me that
apparently the real pain hits when you take a bath or shower, so, ahem, I think I may remain unwashed for a day.Thank you *everyone* for pulling out the stops, the Great Waxing 2007 drive
has raised £240 already, and if after watching you feel compelled to donate, you still can at My Red Nose Day Page


posted by Alfie
16th Mar 2007, 17:27   comments (30)


(viewed 896 times)
Gary Lineker eat your heart out!
16th Mar 2007, 17:25   comments (0)


(viewed 771 times)
Hi,We have had a fun day at the office raising lots of money for Comic Relief - some members of the team even decided to take on some of the presenters for RND 2007.

Take a look!!!We have raised around £350.and would love it if you could give us a mention on the show tonight.I wonder what Russell would make of these pictures????


16th Mar 2007, 17:22   comments (1)

Jake's very tall Red Nose Day Hat

(viewed 1591 times)
My daddy made my hat all by himself - he is very clever!
Jake Brennan
Age 6.
16th Mar 2007, 16:22   comments (1)

Wear your PJ's to work day

(viewed 3940 times)
We are Conveyancing Direct, a firm of Property Lawyers in Hastings.

For Comic Relief we have today raised £312 by organising a cake raffle, book sale and dress down day. Staff were given the option to wear their PJ's and pay £1 or wear casual clothes but pay £2. We therefore have attached a photo of those of us in our PJ's.

Thank you,

Gayle Wilkinson
16th Mar 2007, 16:07   comments (1)

Lori Faye

(viewed 812 times)
Red Nose Day
Karolina Fukacz
Club Receptionist
H | The Hospital |
16th Mar 2007, 15:51   comments (0)