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Electric Energy - a brief taste of lightening.

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Electric Energy
A brief taste of lightening.

Ok, so I dont live in the UK. So sue me. I do have a few friends over there, though. My company even has an office in the UK that I would love to get over and see one of these days. Maybe one day (very soon) I will. Maybe someday I'll even move there. I've wanted to since I was a little kid. For now, I'm ok here in California.

I'm a full 5'6"; 130lb fiesty redhead. I've got a fairly decent outlook on life. I'm grateful for what I've got and I'm not willing to compromise it in the slightest.

I'm an ex-model now working behind the cameras in the broadcasting industry. I love my job and get to travel all the time. I've met some incredible friends and had some amazing experiences because of it.

I'm also a camera ham, as you will learn soon. I'll always try to answer your comments, so please feel free to leave me as many as you like.

At one time I would have said that my favorite book was "The Count of Monte Cristo" because it's such a prime example of what revenge can do. Now, I have to say that it's still a fine piece of literature, but I like it for other reasons than I once did. I'm no longer interested in revenge. I'm interested in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. That's actually EXACTLY what my own book is about. If you're a part of my life, then I can guarantee you are in my book. Remember that. I may not be out for revenge, but karma will always kick someone in the butt.

I just finished writing my first novel. I actually just finished it 9.13.05 so I'm in the stages of editing at the moment. In the mean time, I've also started the second novel, and progress is going well.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!!!

My simple words of advise :

If something needs to be done, DO IT ALREADY! Dont wait for others to take care of it or nothing will ever be accomplished.

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Life in Appartment 31 - Sunset.

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Where I Been

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Where I Been

I've been the guest of the richest.
I've slept on a few park benches.
I've been loved and adored
I've been hated; abhored,
Forgotten, neglected,
Remembered and rejected.
I've been mocked and mimicked
I've been the subject of limericks
I've been beaten and bruised
My heart has been used.
Kidnapped and trapped,
Alone and relaxed.
I've had time to ponder over eternity
I've been striped of all my dignity
I've been held in the highest esteem.
I've wondered what life could possibly mean.
I've been kind; I've been vain.
I've danced like a madman out in the rain.

But until I knew more about me,
I never knew what love could be.

Written by Amanda Martin
March 31st, 2006

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This is the basic introduction and first two pages of my first novel... Enjoy. This should give you a good idea of what it's about.

April 1st, 2004

April fools day, only this isn't quite a day for jokes.

I've made several attempts to write everything I remember in my live that have stuck with me, be it exciting, interesting or funny. This attempt, though still to early to tell if it's a success, was prompted by a family tragedy.

Six weeks ago, my grandmother passed away and I flew from Los Angeles to New York for the funeral immediately. As much of a tragedy as that was, the true tragedy was in the passing of my grandfather this morning. Both of them were fascinating people with many wonderful stories of their pasts who never got a chance to tell them to the world, or more importantly, to their great grandchildren, of which they currently had two at the time of their deaths; Michael and Ethan, the latter being my own son, and the former being the son of my only brother, Robert Sherman Martin III, whom they never got to meet. It struck me that these two children will never hear the stories of Grandpa's trips around the world during the Korean War, stories of the cabinet making he did all over the state of New York, or the embarrassing stories of my fathers childhood.

I don't want the stories I have to tell to die with me. I have too much to say not to write this journal. My only son deserves to at least know that I tried. I have a lot to tell him. Honestly, I have a lot to tell anyone who will listen to what I have to say.

I've made a lot of mistakes, told a lot of lies, and done some very stupid things. In writing this, I hope that perhaps my son can learn from my own mistakes. This isn't a told-you-so storybook. There's nothing fictional I will ever write into it's pages. It's not something I'm writing to try and clear my own conscience. This is the truth; the untold stories I once swore to myself that no one else would ever know. I wasn't always a good person, and I'm far from being proud of it, but I'm not so proud as to hide my past from those I love any longer.

I suppose my grandfather was a huge inspiration to me, as well as my son. Still, along with the two of them, my inspiration has come from my mother and father, my grandmother, and everyone in my life I've ever loved and adored.
Or hated.
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The steps down to the pool from the mansion.

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Strength in delicasy.

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From one of the most dear and wonderful people, always close to my heart.

"I know that you have been through some rough times over the past few months and to be honest.. seeing how you pulled through has been inspirational. In short, I want to let you know that I am thinking of you and wishing all the best for you.. keep living life on your terms Amanda.. I sometimes wish I had your strength."
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The table is set.

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