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Electric Energy - a brief taste of lightening.

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Electric Energy
A brief taste of lightening.

Ok, so I dont live in the UK. So sue me. I do have a few friends over there, though. My company even has an office in the UK that I would love to get over and see one of these days. Maybe one day (very soon) I will. Maybe someday I'll even move there. I've wanted to since I was a little kid. For now, I'm ok here in California.

I'm a full 5'6"; 130lb fiesty redhead. I've got a fairly decent outlook on life. I'm grateful for what I've got and I'm not willing to compromise it in the slightest.

I'm an ex-model now working behind the cameras in the broadcasting industry. I love my job and get to travel all the time. I've met some incredible friends and had some amazing experiences because of it.

I'm also a camera ham, as you will learn soon. I'll always try to answer your comments, so please feel free to leave me as many as you like.

At one time I would have said that my favorite book was "The Count of Monte Cristo" because it's such a prime example of what revenge can do. Now, I have to say that it's still a fine piece of literature, but I like it for other reasons than I once did. I'm no longer interested in revenge. I'm interested in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. That's actually EXACTLY what my own book is about. If you're a part of my life, then I can guarantee you are in my book. Remember that. I may not be out for revenge, but karma will always kick someone in the butt.

I just finished writing my first novel. I actually just finished it 9.13.05 so I'm in the stages of editing at the moment. In the mean time, I've also started the second novel, and progress is going well.

Anyway, it's nice to meet you!!!

My simple words of advise :

If something needs to be done, DO IT ALREADY! Dont wait for others to take care of it or nothing will ever be accomplished.

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Not good... I have a fever.

(viewed 770 times)
28th Jun 2006, 00:37   comments (7)

Afternoon smiles

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27th Jun 2006, 21:41   comments (2)

A SoCal sunset over solar panels.

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27th Jun 2006, 03:13   comments (3)

The Wreck

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In a random thought...

"... and here we are, going round in circles, wondering if the lie will be discovered. I've told some big ones, but never really on this grand of a scale. And to what end? Actually, strangely enough, it covers her tail end in several different directions. She's a crazy one. Perhaps someday she'll let more people in on the secret, but for now it's only me. For now she won't even tell her own family. For now, nobody knows. Nobody but herself, me, and the driver of the small pick up truck that crashed into us..."

Exerpt from my book three days before Heathers death - last week.
26th Jun 2006, 20:43   comments (9)

Flash backs

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It's funny - This isn't the damage to the car I was in. Nor is it even damage in the same spot as the car I was in. Rather, it's just a random wrecked car... but as I walked past it on the side walk, I suddenly got flash backs. I had nightmares all night last night.
26th Jun 2006, 04:23   comments (8)

Its lovely outside...

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26th Jun 2006, 03:47   comments (2)

: I don't want to go out, I don't want to stay in. I don't want to sit in silence, I don't want to hear any noise. I don't want

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So then, here is the dilema. What DO I do?
26th Jun 2006, 02:06   comments (4)

Sunday Afternoon, England won in Football... Its going to be a nice day.

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25th Jun 2006, 22:15   comments (0)