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Welcome to Ronan Keating's moblog!

If you want to see what goes on behind the scenes in a day in the life of Ronan Keating then you've come to the right place. Ronan is taking his camera phone on the road with him and will be sending in snaps direct to this page as often as he can, so make sure you check back regularly…

You can post comments on each photo uploaded by clicking on the image to see a larger version and scrolling to the bottom of the page to submit your comment.

What's more you can also upload your own pictures of Ronan or of you with Ronan to this page! All you need is to have your pictures stored on a digital camera or phone, and we'll be picking the best ones to go in the gallery on Ronan's official website. So what are you waiting for? - Share your shots! Instructions below....


You can send pictures or videos to this moblog easily using your camera phone or computer. Just MMS or email your images to: <
Texts cost no more than your standard MMS rates. If you are still unsure, for more help see moblogUK help pages.

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Ronan uses the Sony Ericsson K750i Phone to moblog.

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Brighton Photos

These are some pictures that I took at Brighton in the rain and I thought other Ronan fans might like to see them.  Louise

The next generation of Hotmail is here - Windows Live Hotmail - update now for free.
9th Sep 2007, 12:44   comments (14)

Happy birthday Ail

(viewed 3682 times)
\hey ali happy 2 birthday and have a great one and gets lots of presents and
from mammy daddy jack and marie and your aunts cousin.. enjoy your party
tomorrow love annie
7th Sep 2007, 18:21   comments (9)

2007 Calendar

(viewed 1746 times)
Mr September...
3rd Sep 2007, 13:59   comments (5)

2007 Calendar

(viewed 1506 times)
Mr August...
3rd Sep 2007, 13:51   comments (3)

Emailing: newmarket2007001.jpg

(viewed 1935 times)

Hello everyone, The photo below and these two pictures i sent earlier together with a message but it never worked. The photo below was probably to big so i resent it with a message along side it explaining. I really don't know how this works, sorry for the mix up.

The photos were taken in Newmarket where my friend and i got to have a meet and greet with Ronan, what a fantastic day. I'm really thankfull i got to meet him after being a fan for 12 years. I couldn't really speak that day and didn't get a chance to say much to Ronan as i had serious tooth ache which was very painful and i should of been at the hospital. My mouth and face also swelled up cause i was useing local anaestic to numb the pain. It was a pleasure to get to meet James as well and have my photo taken with him too. I had such an amazing time and will never forget such a wonderful day. I want to thank everyone that made that happen.

27th Aug 2007, 17:27   comments (13)

Emailing: ronan009.jpg

(viewed 2058 times)

I sent an email with pictures earlier and a message but not sure if the first picture might be to large as that was the size when it was sent to me. Here is the same photo but smaller. I hope that by sending this again that it won't get put up on the moblog twice that's if it was to go up.


27th Aug 2007, 14:53   comments (10)

pictures of me

(viewed 1598 times)
Hi this is me.Conny Enck 15 from Germany. I hope You like the photosI would show you pictures of our musicschool concert where I was singing baby can I hold you ,but I couldnt find them.

Im singing for 8 years now only in a choir but music is my live !Im learning to playing guitar with your song book 10 Years of hits.

Now I can play a bit not perfect but a bit This is Your song and The Way You make me feel. I wrote you a letter with my own texts to Polydorrecords in London , but you didnt answere or didnt you get them?Please try to answere my mail if youve got the time and: Go the way YOU want to go and play the music you like your right fans would be your because only the treu fans they like you and your music style!!!!!!!!

Love Yours Conny

Ps. I cant speak perfectly English but I hope that you understand me
17th Aug 2007, 16:30   comments (4)

Ronan at Newmarket

(viewed 2371 times)
HI all,

here are 3 photos I managed to take at last nights concert.

11th Aug 2007, 21:20   comments (19)