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Photo edit tool

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OK, for me, I'm not a big fan of on board editing programs, normally
because they're crap. Either that or they're third party software which
inevitably turn out to be, well, crap.

I got right into using the photo editing software on the S65. And that's never really happened to me with another phone. A kind of protoshop app that gives you a surprising range of things to do.

And then it goes and lets itself down by only outputting to tiny assed
images like the one you see above.

An app (like lifeblog but without the useless bits) which allows for tagging and personalisation, is intuitive and fast, and actually outputs at a decent size is something I actually now quite want.
12th Feb 2005, 00:21   comments (0)

5 different zooms

Not quite sure when/how you'd make real creative use of this functionality, but it's there, and it works...

image 1 : x4 zoom
image 2 : x5 zoom
image 3 : x1 zoom
image 4 : x2 zoom
image 5 : x3 zoom

11th Feb 2005, 18:36   comments (0)

Daylight Digital zoom x5

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Much much better than the night time zoom. The car is pretty crisp in
the zoomed version, and it's really quite a distance it's zoomed. next,
exciting adventures with colour.
9th Feb 2005, 18:17   comments (1)

First S65 post

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So! Welcome to the new S65 moblog, have a clicker on the link on the left for more info on the phone itself. As usual, we'll concentrate on the phones imaging properties. At the end of the test I'll provide an all round review for the phone, but to begin, lets just say it's dead pretty, and has a 1.3mpx camera.

The pics here I took outside my office, from my smoking spot. As you can see (or can't as the case may be) LA Fitness is within spitting distance of where I enjoy me fags. The Zoom here is a x5 digital zoom. The images were taken at night, with me not doing any fiddling with settings. The large image is a little grainy, but to be expected at night with no night mode on or anything. This zoom function bugs me though; OK, so it's zoomed right in on the area I most want to magnify, but instead of giving me an image of the same size as the first, it's taken it right down to 256x192.

I dunno, even if we're not yet at optical zoom level I know I'd prefer
to get a decent sized image of the object I'm trying to magnify.
9th Feb 2005, 18:15   comments (1)
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