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Look! I'm new and notable!

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The photo sucks but that's my podcast in the upper right corner, in the New and Notable section of the iTunes Music Store on the comedy podcasts page today. We are on the Featured Podcasts page too.Yay!!!

(You can check it out at How Much Do We Love...)
31st Jul 2006, 18:14   comments (3)

Happy Birthday, cranky

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2nd Jul 2006, 06:26   comments (4)

Hospital Rooms

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One of these rooms was my sister's room for the birth of my tiny
nephew yesterday. Can you guess which?
22nd May 2006, 21:07   comments (4)

Pregnant peacock belly!

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21st Apr 2006, 02:58   comments (16)

A rare moment of togetherness

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It's just a matter of time until one of them wakes up and realizes they are that close to each other.
12th Apr 2006, 21:37   comments (5)

It's not a party until someone puts a pot on her head.

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Happy birthday to me! :D
6th Mar 2006, 00:31   comments (6)

Bowling feet

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Hooray for blacklight!
26th Feb 2006, 06:46   comments (0)

"Look how dainty I am!"

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Herbert is finally back on the weight loss train!

He maxed out a few years ago at 37.8 pounds. I got him down to about 32, but he's hovered between 31-33 for the last couple of years.

It's been very frustrating.

I changed his food AGAIN a few months ago...


28.5 pounds!!!

There's still a long way to go, but I'm sooooo proud of him. :D Go Bert Go!
22nd Feb 2006, 08:08   comments (4)