The Arctic circle and beyond.

by sandgrounder

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The Arctic circle and beyond.

A trip to the Svalbard Archipeglio, recorded with MMS.

If it works at all!

I've fought with MMS blogging, and lost. The telco's have such stupid costs for data when roaming that MMS is the 'only' option, but with the constant changing standards imposed by T-Mobile nothing works reliably without stripping content. Flickr worked, for a while, but stopped just before I needed it really work, so has become the only option, and it can't put the content where I really wanted it.

Still, with so little coverage so far North, who know if anything will work. Enjoy if you can.

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This is weird!

(viewed 1114 times)
7th Sep 2008, 20:34   comments (0)

Last leg

(viewed 1162 times)
Boarding now for last flight back to Manchester. I'm actually looking forward to getting home now, but already miss the open spaces.
5th Sep 2008, 08:29   comments (0)

Tromso in the rain

(viewed 1092 times)
Starting to feel like its all over.
4th Sep 2008, 16:44   comments (0)

Loading up

(viewed 1017 times)
4th Sep 2008, 13:07   comments (0)

Back in port

(viewed 1075 times)
All the planning, saving etc. Now just the journey home.

But with such a lot of memorys!
4th Sep 2008, 08:00   comments (0)

Ships bridge

(viewed 2065 times)
The best place to be for 'spotting'.
4th Sep 2008, 04:38   comments (0)

Zodiac cruise

(viewed 1020 times)
4th Sep 2008, 04:21   comments (0)


(viewed 965 times)
Tiny bell flowers.
4th Sep 2008, 04:21   comments (0)
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