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The Freezer

(viewed 605 times)
Matthew defrosted the freezer last night. I've restocked it.

The camera on my phone still has that annoying dark spot on it.
27th Jan 2007, 15:13   comments (1)

Royal Fail

(viewed 1094 times)
Another Signed For packet for me.

Due Process appears to have been followed on this occasion, though, and I've been carded.

"Oh good", thinks the night shift worker, "I can log on to the Internet at Silly O'Clock and have it sent to the Post Office around the corner".

Alas, this is not the case. Sigh.

So I am remaining awake until they open so I can telephone them, on their rip-off 0845 number. I will instruct them to send it to my local Post Office branch which, although rather expensive, is cheaper than an hour of my time and �2 of Tube fare.

(Also, I seem to have annoying mark on my K750i's camera. It's nothing on the surface of the lens, which I've tried cleaning up. Perhaps time to visit a service centre?)
26th Jan 2007, 07:03   comments (2)


(viewed 595 times)
As seen in the o2 Centre on Finchley Road.
25th Jan 2007, 20:45   comments (2)

Beware of the shark

(viewed 596 times)
This was taken on the way to work yesterday. It was a bit rainy and windy.
19th Jan 2007, 20:45   comments (1)

Station Closed.

(viewed 654 times)
It is 'blowing down'. Ace.
18th Jan 2007, 14:39   comments (5)

First there was the spork..

(viewed 817 times)
Introducing the SNAKNIFE. Made in England.
16th Jan 2007, 18:40   comments (7)

The view from Wembley Park

(viewed 675 times)
On a miserable Tuesday afternoon in North West London.
16th Jan 2007, 16:26   comments (2)

Another failed home office initiative

(viewed 557 times)
In the gents at the Cittie of Yorke public house on High Holborn.
16th Jan 2007, 13:42   comments (0)