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Oh no!

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I never knew redundant pipework could be so dangerous.
21st Nov 2006, 16:53   comments (0)


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I have brought my own tea from home along with a mug. No more drinking out of polystyrene for me! And, more importantly, no more of this paying of 36p to 56p madness.
15th Nov 2006, 07:06   comments (10)

London at 5am

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Some members of staff are on strike today.
15th Nov 2006, 05:26   comments (3)

Poor newsfolk.

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As if working barmy hours wasn't enough, the good people that bring you the news forego snacks due to duff vending machines.
10th Nov 2006, 22:34   comments (1)


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To the power of 3.
9th Nov 2006, 23:09   comments (0)

Technology on the move

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In the past 30 hours, I have been in London, York, Newcastle, Durham, York again, Leeds, and am now on the way back to London. 102 miles to go. We should be there by 21.20
5th Nov 2006, 19:43   comments (1)


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It just felt a bit eerie. Cold, quiet, misty.
3rd Nov 2006, 21:45   comments (0)


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Has anywhere got one of these marvellous big mechanical display boards anymore? Leeds lost its in the 80s for a basic digital display system. Kings Cross's went a year or two ago, as did Victoria. I can only think of small ones, like Liverpool Street and Charing Cross. I'm bored, by the way.
2nd Nov 2006, 04:57   comments (0)