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Number 16. An Amstel pint glass at Bush, in Shepherd's Bush. Quite a cool bar, if a little pricey. Not too over-run with pointless media twunts - until I got there, anyway.
21st Oct 2006, 20:12   | tags:,comments (2)


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Suspicious package found.

New York. Day 6.

Like all good things, this epic mini-series must come to a close. Preferably leaving you wanting more. But, like many good things, such as Red Dwarf, Die Hard, or Police Academy, shark's moblog is going to run this New York thing into the ground to a soundtrack of naked orphans' tears hitting the lead- painted railings of their torture cage.

Day 6 didn't have any major plans, other than a spot of shopping and a general mooch. Actually, that's a lie. I had planned to got to the NYC Transit Museum -- but overslept and subsequently developed a hangover, no doubt a result of Day 5's beer, steak, and football evening. So it became a day of shopping and having a general mooch.

Fifth Avenue was the first port of call. Needed to return to a certain shop at 59th and 5th in order to swap a mini-VGA to VGA adapter for a mini-DVI to VGA adapter. Nearly a big whoopsy on my part, that one. They seemed to be recording something either tele-visual or filmic on Fifth. It's a big star that warrants a trailer that big, and with not one -- but two -- satellite dishes, each looking at the same orbital location from down on the sidewalk.

Walked a bit further down Fifth, saw a taxi driver surveying the damage to his vehicle. No doubt incurred when he slammed into the back of the big van you can see at the left of the picture. For some inexplicable reason, I also took a photo of a Verizon solar panel. It might be possible to make it look half-reasonably composed with a bit of cropping.Following Sunday's ill-fated attempts at seeing the inside of Chrysler, took another saunter down there and had a bit of a look around and took a few snaps on the proper camera. With the exception of Starbucks, everywhere in New York seems to be universally happy for you to mooch around and take photographs. A welcome surprise, particularly compared with the anal retentives you find occupying security roles (and the twunts making the rules) in London.

Time to go home, and the E train up towards Jamaica Center and a transfer onto the AirTrain-JFK. Once at the airport, take advantage of one of the club lounge's wifi access points without paying or having a first class ticket. While drinking a crazily big Coke. Drop Passport in Duty Free. Cue much hilarity when it comes to going through security, the ensuing hurried retracing of my steps, getting to the gate rather late, to be then told by a hilarious little scrote that "the flight's closed! hahaha only joking mate."

I could have hit him.

It's all very well having signs that say, "We understand travelling can be a stressful experience. But please don't take it out on our staff." if the staff in question didn't act like pricks.

A couple of shots of the plane that brought me back -- again, late -- one of which shows one of the four giant Rolls-Royce Trent 500 engines.

And that's it. We'll do it all again in March, though. See you then.

New York. Day 5.

Welcome to the last full day in NYC. Hope you've enjoyed the show so far.

The (lovely) day started with a trip down to SoHo. Came across Sullivan Street; I wonder if it's the one which lent its name to the Counting Crows song. Kept walking right the way down to Battery Park. Missed the last Ellis Island boat of the day (it having departed an hour before both the website and TONY said) so, instead, took a Circle Line harbour cruise. Got about 50m away from the Statue of Liberty. It doesn't look as formidable, or feel as exciting, as one would expect.

Back in Battery Park, I happened upon the temporary memorial to those who lost their lives in the WTC collapse. The globe was outside, in the middle of the WTC complex. The battle scars are as a result of the falling debris. Just out of shot, there's an everlasting light.

Went for a Starbucks. Got told off for taking a photograph (of my coffee cup) in there. "Corporate policy", apparently -- although no actual reason was forthcoming, even when I pressed for one. More money for Nero and Costa in future, then.

Headed back up to midtown. Felt like I should see an [off-]Broadway show. Forbidden Broadway, an often cutting skit at the shows and stars elsewhere on Broadway. Entertaining and amusing, if you've a reasonable understanding of musical theatre. It's on at the 47th St Theater.

Rounded off my last night in NY with a trip to Tony Luke's. Had a great steak sandwich, plenty of what passes to be beer in these parts, and watched the Cowboys stage an unbelievable comeback against the Cardinals -- in HD.

On the way back to the hostel, I saw a sign in a deli window.

Day 6 coming soon. m'blog 5440.

New York. Day 4.

Welcome back. Day 4, Sunday, was a bit al fresco. Just let the day take it where it wanted me, largely down to me being sufficiently lazy to not plan on anything. As it turned out, the day involved lots of walking. Good job I got a pair of comfortable Etnies before I left London.First up, a walk down Avenue of the Americas. There was a big market going on all the way from Bryant Park right the way up to Central Park. Bought some T-shirts on the way. 3 for $20.Went in Central Park. Sat on a rock to watch the sun go down.

Walked around and took some photos. Stopped for a while to watch the Central Park Dance Skaters' Association do their thing. When I got fed up of the smell of horse dung, I took a walk down Fifth. Took something that I'd bought in error back to the Apple store.After about 6 hours of solid walking and standing, apart from that hour I was sat down on a rock in Central Park reading Time Out New York, I was ready for a sit down and a drink. Put in a visit to Starbucks in the tremendously decadent Trump Tower.

Ploughing on, as one does, I tried to find the Chrysler Building. Someone had misinformed me that you could go in and look around the lobby -- that didn't seem to be the case on a Sunday evening. However, I did happen upon Grand Central station -- which is amazing. So vast and busy, yet so tremendously peaceful. Probably just because the place is so bloody big.

Realising I'd shot over 1GB of photographs, a trip back to the hostel was necessary to do some downloading. Realising I could kill two birds with one stone, I took the liberty of grabbing something to go from a local deli. It was a bit crap.

All that was left was a night-time saunter over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Not thinking it through entirely, I set off for the Subway at about 23:30 -- meaning I'd be walking over the bridge at about 00:15. This is quite late, there's not a lot of people about, and I've been conditioned by the media into assuming that I'm going to be robbed, beaten, and left for dead at some point -- probably in New York, because everyone's got guns. Or something. So it was quite a brisk walk, but nevertheless enjoyable.

Then bed.

Tomorrow is Day 5. Keep it moblog fifty four forty.

New York. Day 3.

Continuing what I can only describe as a week of epic updates, Day 3 involved a trip down to Coney Island where I saw a roller-coaster that was closed for the winter. As you can also see, there weren't many other people about, either.

After having a go in a basketball cage, and surprising myself by hitting the ball more often than not, I met a group of folk on the gokart track -- after using my superior British driving skills to overtake three of them. We went for a beer and then down to see the sunset on Coney Island beach. There's me jumping off a rock in front of the sun. Admittedly, it's a bit of a cheat -- taken on my proper camera and (obviously) by someone else.

Went back to the hostel to freshen up and headed out to meet Producer Dave at the New Yorker. He'd already eaten, despite us agreeing beforehand that we'd get something when we met up. As time was of the essence, a McMeal was called for. I used the opportunity of being in Ronald's establishment to withdraw cash for a mere 99c and to take a photo of a sign which I found amusing. One has to wonder if there is a chap out the back with an array of stopwatches and a vendetta against those who chew their McFood thoroughly.

Many bars followed. Much time was spent in McSorley's, pictured, where much beer was drunk. Producer Dave pulled a woman ten years older than him and took her back to his hotel. I went back to my hostel to sleep.

Stay tuned for Day 4. Only on moblog fifty four forty.

For Beth

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I think I am going to regret this.
14th Oct 2006, 16:41   | tags:,comments (2)

New York. Day 2.

A rather splendid day, even if I endured most of it with a hangover.
Thank you, Samuel Adams.

First thing this "morning", we went down to the area where the plane hit that building the other day (at Producer Dave's request) -- but we couldn't find it. So we got a bite to eat instead although, sadly, not at Wok 'n Roll. A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and back is not pictured, but it was done. I even spoke to my mum while there (she rang me, just so you know).

After thinking a saunter down to sail to to Staten Island was in order, and many many issues with getting on the wrong Subway train (I think we went wrong about five times), we decided to cut our losses, go above ground, and walk. That's when Producer Dave (pictured) tripped over the lamp post base (pictured) in true comic book fashion. He was engrossed in TINY at the time.

Incidentally, the amusing safety sign in the third picture are in a platform office at the South Ferry Terminal stop on the A.After heading back to freshen up, a mooch down town to the Grassroots Tavern for a few beers was in order -- that's the street sign at the end of the block, so we know where the same area is tomorrow. It did seem to be the area to be in.

Finally, there's a chap at my local station (42nd Street) cleaning the platform with a pressure washer.

Tomorrow is likely to entail Coney Island and other touristy nonsense. And a big Saturday night out.