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(viewed 873 times)
It seems my housemate can't quite manage it.
28th Feb 2006, 21:59   comments (1)


(viewed 751 times)
How on earth is this fine specimen of a chap without a girlfriend?
24th Feb 2006, 22:21   comments (4)


(viewed 786 times)
Is this woman the best ad for the photo booth?
23rd Feb 2006, 14:22   comments (7)

Information system

(viewed 709 times)
Although, for the one in Worthing station, there appears to be a lack of information. :-(
23rd Feb 2006, 14:16   comments (0)

The saga continues

(viewed 801 times)
Logical drives and the like are a pain in the arse. True story.
21st Feb 2006, 02:37   comments (1)

Cereal offender

(viewed 1175 times)
Tesco Value cereal is cheap for a reason. And I feel sorry for the Germans if the rest of their cereals taste like this.
20th Feb 2006, 07:06   comments (0)

Data Recovery

(viewed 746 times)
Not wanting to jinx it, but it seems my student radio stuff is coming off without too much bother. Which is the main thing.

I'm shocked at the cost of data recovery software. But hey, when you're desperate, they've got you over a barrel. Or drum. Or platter. As it were.

Also, I'm never buying another Maxtor drive.

19th Feb 2006, 03:36   comments (3)

Oh dear.

(viewed 686 times)
It would appear that I might need to buy a new hard drive. And hope and pray my back-ups of my old student radio shows and the associated production and imaging of said shows still exist.And what does 'Usn Journal' do?
16th Feb 2006, 16:49   comments (1)