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Little Baron

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My Dad just found this photo of my playgroup's Christmas party. 'Twas 1975 I
think, and yes, I'm so old it was actually taken in black and white!
13th Jun 2007, 21:44   comments (1)

Hollyoaks comes to America

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I know I'm waaaay behind the times here to everyone in the UK, but BBC
America has just started playing Hollyoaks and I think I'm addicted! There's
just been a fire in The Dog and I can't wait to see what happens in the next
episode (which I'm afraid I've taped). Is there any hope??
13th Jun 2007, 14:57   comments (6)

The appointment...

(viewed 1287 times) the local tattoo / piercing establishment has been made! This weekend
baronshubby gets his first tattoo -- a slightly bigger, more dude-like version
of my ankle design (see April 22nd post, clicken zie hier). He gets his arm inked on the 16th.

Lost treasure

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This crystal ball almost got swept away with the rest of the muck that was
behind the old washing machine. It's part of a keyring I got many moons ago
when we went on a cruise aboard the SS Canberra. You can still just about make
out the lettering.


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Sorry about this everyone, but he looked so pitiful I had to do one more dog
blog! You can see where they had to shave his leg to do the surgery, but a
bit of fuzz is starting to grow back now.


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I put a duvet on the floor for Rusty to flomp on while his leg recovers.
It's good for visitors too!


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Last night's moon.
1st Jun 2007, 16:05   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Fingers crossed for Russ

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I meant to post this earlier, but this is what I've been doing all day --
keeping fingers crossed while our dog has ligament surgery (again). This is the
picture I have of him on the fridge which was taken when he was about 4 weeks
old. Anyway, it all went well and he'll be home in the morning.