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Blown away

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Urgh, it is too hot at work! Why can't this office building ever get it's
temperature right? Every morning I have to start up my system of fans to try
and keep it cool. It sort-of-kind-of works, but I end up with mad 80s hair!
22nd May 2007, 14:20   comments (7)


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They had a fairground game at the restaurant we went to last night, full
of...erm...hedgehogs I think. It was a rip-off -- all stuck together and
impossible to grab with the mechanical hand, so I took a picture instead.
19th May 2007, 19:04   comments (6)

Sick again

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Poor Russ! He was just about better after his ACL surgery in October and now
we think he's blown the ligament in his 'good' leg. This is the culprit -- the groundhog he was chasing when he started limping. He's got an appointment
with the specialist on the 29th. Until then it's canine aspirin and jumbo
chews to keep him busy, but off his paws. *Sigh*

Pool art

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My niece wanted me to help her do a Summer design on the bottom of her pool
this afternoon. I'm not really an artist (hence the surfboard that looks a
bit like a spaceship!), but it turned out ok. We were pleased with it and it
was cool to spend some quality time with the little one.
13th May 2007, 20:41   comments (4)

Crazy black cat & red flowers

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Sabbi -- my nutter of a cat and the geraniums I've managed not to kill for a
whole two weeks now!
13th May 2007, 01:02   | tags:,,,comments (1)


A few shots from my stint as tour guide for the parents! We went to
Annapolis, Maryland for the day.

The garden

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Here's one I missed earlier -- Madison Square Garden. We only walked by it
though. The train stopped at Penn Station and it's right next door.


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The ceiling at the Minskoff Theatre where we saw The Lion King, Radio City
Music Hall, and the Wienermobile in Times Square!
3rd May 2007, 17:33   comments (3)