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The husband helps nephew Nick and the ma-in-law with some monster Alaskan
King crabs.
11th Apr 2007, 23:59   comments (3)

Bank of America sucks!

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Some little wankers stole our bank info online and went shopping the other
week. We filed a claim and got a temporary credit, but now, after a "thorough
investigation" they've reversed it! I am so incredibly angry about this. The
only thing I can think to do is take my business elsewhere, but any other
ideas would be welcome!

Business Baron

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Just testing the new phone!
10th Apr 2007, 14:36   comments (5)

"Surrender Dorothy!"

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I took this as we were traveling on the Capital Beltway yesterday. The
spires in the distance are on the Washington DC Mormon Temple, but everyone calls
it the Emerald City because it looks like the castle in The Wizard of Oz!
Local authorities are constantly having to remove the words "Surrender Dorothy"
spray-painted on a bridge crossing the beltway. I think they should just
leave it there myself!


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At the station for mr nephew from north carolina. that`s the i.r.s. building next to it & i`m bored!


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My sister Goonflower gave me this necklace years ago. I've been wearing it a
lot lately, and whenever I do I always get compliments (even if someone's seen
it a hundred times!). The next thing they say though is "What is it?" I
don't think it's supposed to be anything in particular, so I tell them it's
magic and it's whatever they want it to be! I've had some say it's a rose,
some think it's a little hip-hop dude, but I see a cartoonish centurian!
PS. It also doubles as a worry stone when I'm deep in thought!

Guitar hero

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In the hopes of helping the hubby quit smoking, I got him a guitar. It's
sounding pretty good too!

Eggin' on!

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We were complete and utter children last night and decorated hard boiled
eggs! I've done this strange American tradition with our niece ever since she
was a toddler. She's 16 now but really wanted to do something fun for Easter so
I went and got the supplies.