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From this afternoon's trip to the woods...
11th Mar 2007, 00:52   | tags:,,,comments (2)

For Mum

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This is going to be my Mum's mother's day prezzie. A stained glass
sun-catcher which is really only the size of a beer mat but looks huge here!
I think I'd better post it today so it makes it across the pond in time.

Squiggly sweets

(viewed 868 times)
One of my co-workers got these from Puerto Rico. They're made of sugar and
chocolate -- mmmm!
8th Mar 2007, 19:39   comments (5)

Young love

(viewed 874 times)
My 16 year old niece and her boyfriend a-snuggling.
You can just about see me sneaking up behind them in the mirror.
5th Mar 2007, 14:15   comments (1)

They live!

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Amazingly, the tulip bulbs I got a few weeks ago have managed to stay alive
in my care! They're now blooming away on the dining room table, looking very
nice indeed.

Feline profile

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My Lizzie...
2nd Mar 2007, 13:58   comments (3)

"Where to, Miss?"

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I saw this pair of hounds while I was out getting lunch the other day. I
walked up to take their picture and they hardly moved -- just looked at me as if
to say "Yes? Can I help you?"
28th Feb 2007, 21:13   comments (10)

*Video killed the radio star*

(viewed 1879 times)
In my ongoing effort to rid our house of junk, I've started chucking out
video tapes. This is merely the "taped off TV" selection....all 56 of them!