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Old rocker

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Found this rather cool old chair at my sister-in-law's in Virginia this


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I'm happily married m'self but I thought this was so refreshing, especially
in America where they tend to get a tad mushy!


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My niece is now the proud parent of quite possibly the teeniest dog ever.
His name is Toto (*sigh of despair!*), and he's an eight week old miniature
pinscher. She sent me a photo of him last week that really was quite
misleading....I wasn't expecting him to be this little!
19th Jan 2007, 01:28   | tags:,,comments (10)

Hearty breakfast

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Someone left valentine's donuts in the office kitchen, so since I not only
went to the gym but ate salad last night, I scoffed one down. Mmmm!
18th Jan 2007, 14:17   comments (4)

Prototype lamp adornment

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The paper lamp-shades in our kitchen finally fell apart, so I decided to
have a go at making chandeliers to replace them. I'm using a wire wreath thingy
and some beads. It's in the early stages and will be a work in progress, but
here's what I've done so far...


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He's such a poser, but eventually Rusty gives me the "stop taking my
picture" face!
13th Jan 2007, 23:09   | tags:,,,comments (4)

Beach baby

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My niece, many moons ago running free in North Carolina. She'll be 17 this
year -- *sniff!*


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My big, fierce four year old retriever still acts like a puppy when it's all
quiet in the evenings! He's got a squishy toy that he sucks on (like little
kids do) so I took a couple of shots. Sorry if I've posted this before but it
was just too sweet!