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Welcome back

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Rusty was being all cute tonight. It was good to see the boy again!

Stuck in chicago

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As if yesterday`s heathrow/hotel hell wasn`t bad enough, now our baltimore flight got cancelled - aargh!
31st Dec 2006, 13:15   comments (6)

Street Ice

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Had a really cool time at Birmingham's Street Ice this afternoon.
28th Dec 2006, 16:33   comments (0)

The Tale of Nurse Booty - Part 2

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Although quite domesticated, we decided a new assignment was in order. She found a new job in the paper working for one "Dr. Moody" in the UK. Nurse Booty packed up and flew to England just in time for Christmas.
To check out her further adventures, visit Goonflower's blog and see how she gets on in her new career!PS. I'm really not mental, just got a touch of Christmas spirit!
26th Dec 2006, 15:35   | tags:,,comments (5)

The Tale of Nurse Booty - Part 1

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Inspired by Goonflower's Dr. Moody, I got my sister another puppet for Christmas -- Nurse Booty. This is her story......
Nurse B started her career as a vet's assistant, looking after our dog as he recovered from an operation. As he got better though, she began to act up. We'd find her riding the poor dog like a rodeo horse, playing on our drum-kit and getting highly intoxicated on MY wine. Things would have to change........
26th Dec 2006, 15:26   | tags:,,comments (6)

Christmas dinner

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Had a lovely gathering last night at my sister's house. So nice to have an English Christmas this year!
26th Dec 2006, 14:49   comments (2)

Christmas Eve...

(viewed 806 times) the pub! Well, it's one way to forget about your jetlag! We had a very nice evening with my sis and brother-in-law last night. I took these shots on the stumble home.
25th Dec 2006, 14:06   comments (1)


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At the airport bar
24th Dec 2006, 00:05   comments (6)