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Waiting for the movers

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*Sigh* I'm moving offices today but the movers are taking their time.
16th Nov 2006, 16:28   | tags:,,comments (4)

Mongolian Grill

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Us office folk tried something new for lunch yesterday -- Mongolian food.
You pile raw food into a bowl, add various sauces then hand it to a little
chef bloke who grills it and chops it all up for you. I was amazed because I
just don't cook, but mine tasted really good! There were pretty parasols
hanging from the ceiling and curious wooden animals for sale too. Much
better than McDonald's!

Teenage wasteland

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Aaargh, there's a musical teenager in my house!

Clearing the air

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Every couple of years, Maryland law requires you to go and have your
emissions tested. Car emissions, that is! It's an odd, slightly annoying
process of going to a testing station, handing your keys to a total stranger
and being told to wait in the glass booth while they poke and prod your
baby...I mean car to make sure it's not polluting the environment, then have
the nerve to charge you $14 for the privilege. Ah well, it's taking care of
mother Earth I suppose...

"See the ball, be the ball..."

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Went on a mini golfing double-date with the nephew and his new girl last

*Every rose has to die...*

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Just thought I'd take a few shots before I throw them away.
12th Nov 2006, 02:47   | tags:,,,comments (5)

Chain reaction

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Here's my sister ring...just like Goonflower's but on a key chain.


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We had our annual photo shoot at work today for the oh-so-wonderful
corporate Christmas card. I couldn't get any shots of the shoot (total
chaos!), but some unfortunate souls had to pose with a company umbrella so I
took pictures of those instead.
9th Nov 2006, 20:54   | tags:,comments (4)