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Blinded by the light

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The sun blazing in through my office window this morning. I did have some
better shots, but aliens got into my phone and destroyed them. It's so odd
because it happened once before doing exactly the same thing (oooh!)


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Ho, ho -- NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon (or 'pretty boy' as my husband calls
him) peddling a blender!

Queen + Paul Rodgers

(viewed 3477 times)
We took the nephew to see Q+PR this March when they came to Washington DC.
This was before I joined moblog so here are a few shots I took back then.
Amazing show, by the way.

Electric cat

(viewed 1866 times)
Poxy cat stole my heating pad!

Ice, ice Rusty

(viewed 1574 times)
Rusty's ankle looked all swollen this morning but I think this is normal
after an operation. I'm icing it to try and make it go down a bit.

Black light

(viewed 1823 times)
I love this purple bulb. Unfortunately, it doesn't give off much light so
it's not too practical!

Halloween lights

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We weren't going to do Halloween this year but the nephew volunteered to
give out the candy. I threw together some exterior illumination to attract the
customers but we still didn't get very many trick or treaters. Ah well!

Back home

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And sooo high! good to have the fuzzy one back. :)
31st Oct 2006, 20:33   comments (5)