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19th Sep 2006, 15:04   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Peaceful street

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I stood in the street at the beach 4am to take this! Still haven't quite
mastered the 'night scene' setting on my camera, but you can still get an idea
of how peaceful it was.
19th Sep 2006, 03:13   comments (0)

Moonlight intervention

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Steve #2 gets a visit from the fishing angel. This was taken in the dead of
night (hence the grainy look) and over the course of 6 days this "beginner"
caught a total of 24 fish!

Spiraling lights

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I put orange twinkle lights on the spiral staircase to warm the beach house
up a bit (see goonflower's blog for a picture of me taking these!)

More pier shots

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18th Sep 2006, 21:12   comments (0)

The fishing pier at night

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18th Sep 2006, 21:08   comments (0)

*sniff, sniff*

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Not so funny when you're the one being examined is it? But after a thorough
going-over, Rusty concluded the short one wasn't a threat to his food
supply -- he was more interested in the beverages, as usual!
18th Sep 2006, 19:32   | tags:,comments (2)

Dr. Moody presses his luck

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Hanging about in the kitchen waiting for food is the dog's job, Dr. M!
18th Sep 2006, 19:20   | tags:,comments (8)