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The Change

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Here comes Autumn . . .
13th Sep 2010, 13:17   comments (2)

Dog on the pitch!

(viewed 1304 times)
Hekta (Goonflower's Scottie) enjoys a World Cup promotional event at the local Hyundai dealer.

The Manor Re-born

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Part of our shiny new Walsall Manor Hospital, currently in the process of opening. The last of the old buildings (including what used to be a work-house) will be demolished in a couple of weeks and turned into a car park.
Wonder what Sister Dora thinks...
4th Jun 2010, 13:47   comments (4)

Big softie

(viewed 1246 times)
22nd Mar 2010, 16:54   | tags:,comments (5)

For Jaws

(viewed 701 times)
The dog loves to shred these if he finds one outside. I'm wondering if they'll help keep him busy while we're at work.
19th Jan 2010, 21:11   comments (2)

The Boy in Blue

(viewed 1292 times)
Quite eerie by the canal this evening! We didn't stay long -- I didn't want my water-obsessed dog jumping in, but he had a great time splooshing around in the fields and retrieving random items out of the stream (plastic bottles...traffic cones....bricks!).


(viewed 1357 times)
1) Austin gently applies the death grip to my glove.
2) Having a sniff, totally oblivious to the state of his lower half after another swim in the mud.
Gotta love him!

Heavens Above

(viewed 803 times)
An inspirational shot for the new year. Happy 2010 everyone.
1st Jan 2010, 23:52   comments (1)