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the way home

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More mist. Sorry, folks...!
14th Dec 2005, 01:01   comments (0)

abstract with trees

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14th Dec 2005, 00:53   comments (0)

all too friggin' Tolkein...

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Too idyllic by far...
14th Dec 2005, 00:50   comments (0)

misty meaner

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We got caught in some of the most awesome mist the other day. Tried to get a feel of it but my camera skills aren't really up to it. These are the best I got.
14th Dec 2005, 00:39   comments (0)


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Another bunch of photos from off the beaten track, walking the dog.
14th Dec 2005, 00:33   comments (0)

none so curly

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Finding out we had to move again has set me back further on the "create my
own web-server, recreate my own web-site" project, but I still sometimes
take pictures solely to try and get a photo for the site banner.
14th Dec 2005, 00:28   comments (1)

these guys again...

(viewed 724 times)
14th Dec 2005, 00:20   comments (2)


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It occurs to me that if I posted more regularly, I wouldn't have to swamp the site with tons of pics, and people might enjoy the ones I put up more.

Should really address that, from now on...

Anya has yet to realise that she isn't naturally camouflaged against grass.

Stupid dog.

14th Dec 2005, 00:17   comments (3)
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