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The Tree Of The Phoenix

(viewed 178 times)

The Next First time

(viewed 206 times)
13th Jun 2015, 00:01   comments (3)

Some Strange Fic Ben is Reading

(viewed 200 times)
A long, long time ago, when I didn't know yet about Fan fiction…
There was some modest, friendly tv show,
didn't mention on my blog so far, which is totally strange.
So,at last, here they are, my beloved heroes, with Sam and Dean of course :)
What could they have in common?- you think.
Well, just look
at them,
ain't they surprisingly alike sometimes?
And to be on the safe side,
there is no Dief and Ray Vecchio, cos they didn't suit here, I mean the context. :(
1st Jun 2015, 23:50   comments (3)

In So Many Ways

(viewed 203 times)
30th Apr 2015, 22:06   comments (2)

Caelium nihil ultra

(viewed 199 times)
I really didn't have the heart to wake you… , wanna show you something only.

"Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods and listen to the magic whispers of old trees."


27th Apr 2015, 20:16   comments (2)

From… mTulips

(viewed 159 times)
19th Apr 2015, 15:43   comments (3)

The thing is…

(viewed 290 times)
18th Apr 2015, 11:10   comments (7)


(viewed 225 times)
Looks like spring… eventually.
17th Apr 2015, 00:08   comments (5)
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