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From… mTulips

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19th Apr 2015, 15:43   comments (1)

The thing is…

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by e-mail
18th Apr 2015, 11:10   comments (1)


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by e-mail,
Looks like spring… eventually.
17th Apr 2015, 00:08   comments (3)

Have no choice

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Using e-mail of course…
16th Apr 2015, 23:21   comments (0)

Doesn't Exist at All

(viewed 812 times)
24th Nov 2014, 00:38   comments (15)

Through The Dark and Red…

(viewed 303 times)
"So what do I do now?
It's dark and cold, and looks like the sun is never, ever coming back.
Just keep breathing,
You're still not out of the water."


17th Nov 2014, 04:02   comments (11)

The Most Difficult Goodbyes

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A few months ago I lost my beloved garden…
And my father's life for years was very closely connected with the garden and now,
looks like… he will leave too, because he lost his hard fight with cancer, mainly thanks to those all incompetents doctors with their poisons, ruining mind, body and changing drastically the quality of his life,that now it's just existence. Sorry for the anger but sometimes it's just too much …
I didn't want to write about those all things,
something has changed however after that Lynn's comment about her dad.
20th Sep 2014, 04:06   comments (12)
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