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Things That Go Bump Or A Warm Hugs By T.Halloween Eye

(viewed 2688 times)
Just wanna give you the Halloween hugs :]

And h e r e is a funny story about, um.. watching the scary films .. ; )


(viewed 1753 times)
Not good year for my favourite vegetable..

Weird September

(viewed 2036 times)

A Different Kind Of Reality

(viewed 2605 times)
The second photo isn't mine( please read that text on this photo! ) It's just something what I wanna show you. From what I've seen, a general reaction to the photo, or rather that text is "Why I didn't know about this?!" Exactly..

Superwholock/ Dalek vs Dean Winchester

(viewed 19577 times)
If you are a member of the fantastic fandom means Superwholock (Supernatural+Doctor Who+Sherlock) you have to know such stories. :D

The rest, generally the original 4 gifs in my comment..
Have a super Sunday! : )

Tastes This Year(kinda supernatural cherries ;) )

(viewed 1986 times)
Cos I wasn't satisfied I had to delete my last post..

So this text will be edited or rather completed later.. ______
Well, the second reason of that change then is some lovely person watching this blog.. : )

And the next 'super' reason .. there will be soon only for the time being, for people living in USA..
So, first link is kinda most representative for this post
Second maybe 2( more like this photo ;) )
but especially is for the person I've mentioned above : )

Even Such Mornings Are Beautiful In The Sunshine Of Your Smile..

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The Crush On Gen

(viewed 5485 times)
.. actually that's the only reason of my work.. :o