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I'm not a lush; I'm a social worker. Do the math. If you see booze in a photo of a table, it's my day off. If you don't, then I'm probably on a snatched smoke break or lunch hour. If you don't see a pack of smokes on the table -- and this is very important -- call the cops, as there's likely to be a homicide, and soon. Actually, now that I think of it, nevermind. It's probably too late.

Look, I didn't want one of those fricken' phones of the future. I just recently managed to get myself a phone with a screen that does more than Radio Shack green. Then, one day, my wireless phone bill was heart-attack-inducing, so I switched plans to have unlimited me to my friends coverage. Long story short, the smarmy sales guy talked me into springing for a picture phone, too. So maybe I'll take a few pictures now and then, and maybe I'll get tired of this in a week. It's pretty much just like Christmas, or Vegas, or Yesterday.

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I keep trying to think of some commentary... But I keep stalling at the molestache.

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4th Sep 2005, 10:55   comments (0)

Not from the batmanifesto guy... But just as good. Scans and photo ops to follow.

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4th Sep 2005, 10:26   comments (0)

This guy just hit on me...

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3rd Sep 2005, 11:47   comments (6)

Forgive her, oh Lord... She's got some 'splaining to do.

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1st Sep 2005, 22:50   comments (1)

Mmm... The King. And beans.

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1st Sep 2005, 03:47   comments (3)

It doesn't work yet... But it's pretty!

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1st Sep 2005, 03:44   comments (2)

The gnome watches and plans. He scares me.

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27th Aug 2005, 11:14   comments (0)

This is what lousy service looks like. To be fair, our server is new. As I type this, the manager is saving the day.

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27th Aug 2005, 11:03   comments (0)