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Actual Boy: lives in London; comes from Bournemouth; plays guitar; eats food; is 21; produces bands; sings; writes music; spends too much time indoors; obsesses; likes Grand Theft Auto; more tbc!

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Orange Stickers

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It also seems Tower Hamlets Borough Council are being a little lacklustre in their distribution of orange stickers. This has all sorts of environmental impications. And it's true that I don't really know what orange stickers are or why they affect binmen.
11th Mar 2006, 17:44   comments (1)

Council Not Fans

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It seems Tower Hamelts Borough Council are not fans of the Delay's upbeat indie pop ramblings.
11th Mar 2006, 17:42   comments (4)

Friday's Progress

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Made good progress today, managed to get 4 albums from the B section out of the way. I'm afraid you've missed everything from Ryan Adam through to Blur (and yes, Ryan Adams comes under "A" as Simple Kid comes under "S"!!). Still, there's plenty more to go!

Boads Of Canada - Geogaddi 9/10

Boom Bip - Blue Eyed In The Red Room 6/10

Boom Bip - Red Room (Bonus CD) 8/10

Boo Radleys - Wake Up! 6/10 (and some atrocious bass playing!)

David Bowie - Hunky Dory 8/10
11th Mar 2006, 01:12   comments (4)

Out Of Date Bread Test

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The out of date bread test:

1) Check just how out of date bread is and where it came from (eg. Tescos, Hovis, Mother's Pride)
2) If your bread came from Mother's Pride and is less than 5 days out of date proceed to step 6
3) Remove bread from bag
4) Check for mould
5) Check adjacent slice for mould
6) Eat bread*

*It is also advised that you buy some real food, especially now the Crunchy Nut Clusters are all gone
10th Mar 2006, 20:23   comments (0)

Internet Shopping Arrives!!

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I really like Ben Folds Five. And Power Rangers. That's right, POWER RANGERS. I bid for it on eBay remembering a time when I was 10 and had it on cassette. You can't deny that the theme tune was awesome, amazing widdly guitar parts building up the awesomest of choruses - GO GO POWER RANGEEERRRS!Unfortunately, my youthful memory has mis-served me. It isn't the theme tune at all. It's a crappy remix with soundbytes of the characters stuck in there. And the remixes are no better. The only good thing to come out of it was the Green Ranger song, that was TV show original. I found out I actually WAS the Green Ranger the other day: Look (and I quote!!)

I was the Green Ranger. I am Tommy who was first evil but then became good. My weapon is the sword of darkness, the dragon sheild and the dragon dagger. I am the dragon.

Sword of darkness!! What a show...

(Incidentally, you can take that quiz to find out which Power Ranger you are here:
10th Mar 2006, 18:54   comments (12)

10pm, "Dinner" Is Served

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Please note inverted commas.
10th Mar 2006, 13:45   comments (0)

Where Am I?

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Rachel Whiteread's rather nuts installation at the Tate Modern. Not quite as good as it looks. Not white enough. Looks a bit messy in a not very good way. I don't understand art well enough to review it. You should probably ignore that... Erm, it's a triumph...
10th Mar 2006, 13:42   comments (2)

Three Of A Kind

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What are the chances?! Three at once!
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