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Actual Boy: lives in London; comes from Bournemouth; plays guitar; eats food; is 21; produces bands; sings; writes music; spends too much time indoors; obsesses; likes Grand Theft Auto; more tbc!

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This was an interesting choice. A yo-yo. But not just one of those crappy ones you get in Christmas crackers, oh no. It's got one of those fancy clutch mechanisms so it "sleeps" at the bottom of the string as you walk it like a dog, or whatever it was I used to do with them. I tell you, the yo-yo has pulled off a real coup getting in with the Playstaion crew. It's much better priced than the PS3 and might be a quiet winner in the console battle... You heard it here first, guys.
24th Mar 2007, 16:31   comments (0)


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Sleek, black pen with logo on the clip and copyright information on the body. Copyright information! I mean, come on. Who cares who owns the logo?! You think we're going to need to know that when writing. Another point - do people actually use pens any more?
24th Mar 2007, 16:29   comments (0)

Playstation Magazine

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This isn't really a magazine, just one of those oversized spiel booklets. Offers me a pound of the next issue though. Will probably pass on that one.
24th Mar 2007, 16:27   comments (0)

Playstation Puzzle

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This is one of those puzzles where you have to get some silver balls into some craters. In this case, the craters are the PS logo. I haven't managed to complete it yet as I am rubbish.
24th Mar 2007, 16:26   comments (0)

This Is A Shirt

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Free t-shirts are always a winner. It's got the PS3 logo on the back. I'm sure I'll wear this outside of the house as I enjoy geek-abuse when I'm not hinting at my video game leanings, leave alone when I advertise them.
24th Mar 2007, 16:25   comments (0)


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This carrier bag contained lots of exciting things that helped pass the time...
24th Mar 2007, 16:23   comments (0)

Gadget Man

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My queuing allowed me an (albeit short) conversation with Jason from the Gadget Show. He mentioned his concerns for today's young people were now unfounded as he asked me if he could lay down on the inflatable Motorola mobile phone cushion I had adopted for the evening. I told him to go nuts. He did. He struggled to get back up.
24th Mar 2007, 16:22   comments (0)

Playstation Coke

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Free coke was on the menu. I also nabbed a free Pineapple Banana and Coconut Milk smoothie but passed on the bottled water as I'd bought my own.
24th Mar 2007, 16:20   comments (0)