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Actual Boy: lives in London; comes from Bournemouth; plays guitar; eats food; is 21; produces bands; sings; writes music; spends too much time indoors; obsesses; likes Grand Theft Auto; more tbc!

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Playstation Cake

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First of all I was given a cardboard box, like that you would get from a Chinese takeaway. It was covered in PS3 "This Is Living" liveries and contained a heft beef burger and some chips. I was also given a massive piece of chocolate brownie that was quite possibly the richest thing I've eaten this year.
24th Mar 2007, 16:19   comments (0)

Playstation Free

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I was fortunate enough to be present at the launch of the Sony Playstation 3 at Virgin Megastore on Thursday. I was 39th in the queue and arrived at about 7pm to see a Ridge Racer tournament being held. The following pictures will detail the freebies I received while I was waiting to purchase my new console which have made it well worth the wait...
24th Mar 2007, 16:17   comments (0)


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This particular money isn't mine. I do however, own money of my own.
24th Mar 2007, 16:14   comments (0)

I Love Shannon Plumb

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Shannon Plumb is an artist. I saw her exhibition called "The Paper Collection" in New York. It involves a film she has made of a fashion show. She stars as the audience, a photographer and all of the models. The clothes are all made of paper, as are the hairstyles, one of which she is modelling here. This particular wig costs $5000. I want it.
24th Mar 2007, 16:12   comments (0)

Not A Good Deterrant

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I believe it is likely that beggars will have lots of money. Therefore, they will stop begging because if they don't, they will have to give 200 of their non-existent pounds to a policeman who may even give them a bed for the night. They must be quaking in their boots (do they have boots these days?).
25th Feb 2007, 18:08   comments (2)

Good Place To Sleep

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A slightly messy party ends with an excellent sleeping position. Screw sofas, I say.
25th Feb 2007, 18:08   comments (0)


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Somebody burned the sausage rolls...
25th Feb 2007, 18:07   comments (0)

Light Shirt

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My t-shirt lights up in response to sound. Several drunk people had a good time trying to figure out what made it light up. Several beatings to the chest later they were told. And when they'd forgotten and hit me a few more times in a vain attempt to light the front, they were again told it is activated by sound. And again...
25th Feb 2007, 18:05   comments (2)