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Actual Boy: lives in London; comes from Bournemouth; plays guitar; eats food; is 21; produces bands; sings; writes music; spends too much time indoors; obsesses; likes Grand Theft Auto; more tbc!

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Swan On Water

(viewed 505 times)
Swans can walk on water - FACT.
12th Jun 2006, 17:21   comments (0)

Tube On The Road

(viewed 561 times)
BEWARE: Tube On The Road.
3rd Jun 2006, 22:07   comments (4)

Worst Cycle Lane Ever

(viewed 567 times)
Bournemouth Borough Council have really excelled themselves. This is the most pointless cycle lane in the history of all cycle lanes - and it leads to a tree!! Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.
3rd Jun 2006, 22:02   comments (1)

David James Advert

(viewed 483 times)
Buy this David James endorsed product. We have altered his features to make him look even funnier and therefore more endearing. He certainly isn't rubbish at stopping the other team from scoring and the product in question is sure not to fail.
17th Apr 2006, 20:04   comments (0)

Bus Service Improves

(viewed 500 times)
The bus service is imporoving with the introduction of rocket-powered vehicles which can travel at aprroximately four times the speed of the previous buses. Special lanes have been provided around Marble Arch to accomodate this new found speed but they must adhere to normal speed limits around the rest of London, making their existence somewhat pointless.
17th Apr 2006, 20:02   comments (0)

Dog "Loves" Cushion

(viewed 491 times)
Dirty dog hanging from shop ceiling pleasuring himself with a cushion. There were children in that shop!
17th Apr 2006, 19:57   comments (0)

Better Than The Gherkin

(viewed 493 times)
Move over, Gherkin. Frankle Trimmings is London's coolest building for 3 reasons. First, it is beige and brown and still cool. Second, it could well be used in the next Star Wars film. Third, it is a blank canvas for graffiti artists and only one retard has utilised this unmissable opportunity. The probably didn't realise how cool it was until afterwards and may well attempt to remove their taggery at a future juncture.
17th Apr 2006, 19:56   comments (1)

Mylo On The Streets

(viewed 677 times)
Destroy rock and roll by graffitiing your album artwork on parking meters. This will assure moderate chart success and at least a minimal amount of street cred.
17th Apr 2006, 19:54   comments (0)