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Actual Boy: lives in London; comes from Bournemouth; plays guitar; eats food; is 21; produces bands; sings; writes music; spends too much time indoors; obsesses; likes Grand Theft Auto; more tbc!

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Simple Kid

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Simple Kid plays a banjo at The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London. He is there on the 29th and the two following Wednesdays. He wasn't too bad.
15th Mar 2006, 23:45   comments (0)

Hole Where?

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Apperently there is a hole in the pavement beneath this home-made sheet-metal sign. Is it's purpose to evoke a desire to check and proove it's statement?
15th Mar 2006, 23:43   comments (12)

Modesty Sucks

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I sometimes think that people should be flattered rather than modest whan a camera is pointed at them. My "New March" resolution is to pose in front of every lens. I am the man.
14th Mar 2006, 21:48   comments (0)

Cyndi Lauper

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Did anyone actually see this? This travesty against music? There's comedy presenting (Boris Johnson on Have I Got News For You, as an example) and then there's just a messed up old woman who had a hit once. And who the hell is "Zootone"?! I know I was watching the Zutons. The BBC has a LOT to answer for. Next thing you know they'll sack Paxman from University Challenge...
13th Mar 2006, 20:23   comments (1)

Sunday's Progress

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Didn't do much listening yesterday. In fact, I did none. Not that I did anything else of any worth. But I'm firmly in the Bowie section, gearing myself up for the somewhat challenging mountain of "Earthling".

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust 9/10

David Bowie - Aladdin Sane 7/10

I'm almost certain a swathe of Bowie fans are going to disagree with me on that but I'll take 'em all on. I ain't no makeup wearing 50 year old.
12th Mar 2006, 23:55   comments (3)

I Hate Shirts

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I can iron them OK, I just really don't like doing it. I do, however, enjoy the monochromaticity of my cow print ironing board.
12th Mar 2006, 23:52   comments (7)

Derek Smalls

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Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap? In my living room? In 12" action figure form? No actual way!!!
12th Mar 2006, 23:48   comments (3)

My Flatmate Is Kiss

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My flatmate is kiss. Not my words (the words of Top Gear Magazine)!
11th Mar 2006, 23:45   comments (1)