End-To-End Challenge

by simontheref

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Keeping people up to date as we cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats

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End of end to end

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My shed, where my bike is. Made it to warrington on thursday, but my knees were really bad. Came home yesterday and went to docs - pain caused by muscles starting to detach from my kneecaps! Gutted i couldn't go any further but couldn't risk serious injury. Have referees fitness tests coming up, already the first one will have to be missed now, is a week tomorrow and i have anti inflammatorys to take for 2 weeks before i can do anything again. Covered around 400 miles in 6 days so it wasn't too bad am effort - will come back and finish the other half another time :)
2nd Jun 2007, 09:10   comments (2)

Hard hard day

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Sorry about the poor photo, getting late. Awful day, started with rain and a puncture which set the tone really. Lots me hills, my knees are killing me - was certainly tested physically and mentally today.
30th May 2007, 22:26   comments (6)

Hard to find

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Finally reached welsh bicknor yha, very hard to find - severely p'd off at the moment. Went briefly into wales, lasted about 20 mins so it was an enjoyable trip ;). Crossing the severn bridge was hairy, very strong cross wind, and i almost got blown off ... !
29th May 2007, 21:34   comments (4)

Anyone for cheese?

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Arrived in cheddar, and it looks like i've left the big hills behind, for the time being at least. Apart from the big one in the background, which makes up the gorge here. That's the view from the hostel, forgot to take a pic when i was in the gorge and couldn't be arsed to walk back :)
28th May 2007, 22:15   comments (5)


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Head wind and rain for most of the day, but the worst was when my cycling partner has had to quit. Unfortunately his knee has given way and he can't continue. Will be tough continuiog alone, hope i can find the strength .... !
27th May 2007, 20:25   comments (1)

Hillier than expected

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Wow, that was a long hard day, which took knifs than expected. Lots of minor roads which tend to be a lot steeper on hills. May have to use main roads from now on. I expect to be asleep very shortly!!
26th May 2007, 20:27   comments (1)

And they're off

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Just about to start. Wind in the right direction today which is good. Sunny today but the forecast tomorrow and monday is poor :(. Time to go, see you in golant!
26th May 2007, 09:59   comments (3)

The journey begins

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6:45 at paragon station, about to get on the train. Not looking forward to a 12 hour journey to penzance, but will be easier than cycling :)
25th May 2007, 07:09   comments (0)