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From: skies []
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2017 12:46 PM
Subject: who is Spits?

Grenade indicators are gone from Halo 5, not that they were a CoD feature anyway. Because 343 can literally rerelease Halo 2 and people will say it's too much like Call of Duty due to the most inconsequential details.

But the Halo fan base has already decided that Halo 4's thruster pack and aesthetic zoom are from this year's CoD and everything from CoD or gameplay mechanics post-2007 are bad.

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Posted by taroma

20th Oct 2017, 18:46   comments (0)


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16th Aug 2009, 19:57   comments (1)


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29th Jul 2008, 04:12   comments (0)

Evening Sky

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Posted by Caine

27th Jul 2008, 03:51   comments (0)

Storm Clouds Moving In

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Posted by Caine

10th Jul 2008, 23:36   comments (2)


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3rd Apr 2008, 22:17   comments (0)

The sky, from the inside

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13th Mar 2008, 00:29   comments (0)
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