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I'm having a cup of tea with milk and 1,5 sugars in a mug that says "Friends make your heart a little lighter".

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it's summer! even in the .....fruit basket!

Go Vegan!

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best breakfast ever! ...in brighton.
3rd Apr 2009, 01:33   | tags:,,comments (1)


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No to 'Media-Spree'

-Media Spree is the name of the construction project related to the river Spree which flows through the city centre of Berlin.
-'Media Spree is investor-oriented and won’t leave any space for creativity’ (www.cafebabel.com)
-This is why a lot of Berliners are against the construction as it contradicts, what symbolises Berlin: (->Places like Bar 25 (which will be opening again this summer for the last time) for example have to move or close down because of the new business river bank)

Last week there were two objectors of the Media-Spree who climbed up the 'Molecule Men', a statue in/on the river, to attach a big protest-sign to it but while they were still climbing up the Police came to prevent them.

(and yes, I took these pictures myself)

2 weeks ago.

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I walked up this road all the way from the bottom, by the beach (well, nearly) to find the Brighton Race Course where the Tattoo Convention took place. Oooh!

sunday schools

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I found this documentary on iPlayer which is investigating the radical impact Sunday schools & this lovely lady have had on British society.
Love her face!

I need to wear them.

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No, really!


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DEUTSCH: "es ist schwierig in Berlin jemanden kennen zu lernen, dem man voll und ganz vertrauen kann. dem man sich öffnen kann. von dem man ganz genau weiss,dass er/sie dich niemals verletzen würde...
ich verliebe mich ziemlich schnell. Berlin ist ja auhc so optionsreich und schnelllebig, aber oft werde ich enttäuscht.
habe ich zu hohe ansprüche? zu große erwartungen?
ich wünsche mir jemanden, der mir das gibt, was mich glücklich macht...vertrauen, hingabe, liebe."

ENGLISH: "in Berlin its so hard to find somebody you can totally trust.somebody faithful.
i am swift to fall for someone...
fast moving Berlin has so many options and opportunities to meet people but disappointment is always a part of it.
am i too demanding? are my expectations too high?
i'm looking for somebody who gives me luck,trust,devotion...and love!"
2nd Feb 2009, 22:35   | tags:,,,comments (0)
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