I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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Manchester stuffs

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a blue postbox?!
and the Hilton...
16th Feb 2008, 21:55   comments (2)

kids are genuii!!

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in Manchester museum........

"the mummy with the willy was funny by holly"
and a nice little diagram....
16th Feb 2008, 21:47   comments (0)


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I commented on how i found their smoothie of the month with the beetroot in it made me feel a bit vomity and i was upset to foind a smoothie flavour they made i didn't like....free voucher for mee to "reimurse me" for the smoothie. lovely folk!
10th Feb 2008, 21:56   comments (2)

Productive lab sessions. This is obvious

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Productive lab sessions. This is obviously productive biomedical information.
8th Feb 2008, 22:41   comments (1)

Me making pancakes last night!

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I look a tad possessed in the last pic!
6th Feb 2008, 22:16   comments (3)

Free sauce!

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making pointless groups on Facebook pays off!!!!!!!

Pancake fun from last night!

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6th Feb 2008, 12:34   comments (1)


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Sweets! I went down to go to the shop to buy some chocolate.....had some mail. Now i don't need to go! Thanks D!! :)
5th Feb 2008, 15:33   comments (1)