I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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it's been modified!

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31st Jan 2008, 12:39   comments (1)

I heart red onions....

(viewed 874 times)
I heart red onions....
29th Jan 2008, 16:02   comments (16)

New shoesies!

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New shoesies!
27th Jan 2008, 12:21   comments (1)

Our snazzy new tap!

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Our snazzy new tap!
26th Jan 2008, 23:38   comments (1)

cool notice on a window

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in the Ibis hotel in Lodz, Poland
23rd Jan 2008, 23:34   comments (0)

Beetroot, apples, pears and ginger. Bein

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Beetroot, apples, pears and ginger.Being by innocent i expected it to be nice.....it upset me and its the first innocent product i dislike
21st Jan 2008, 21:38   comments (5)

Photos from friday night out

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this was all that was taken, in the cab, on the way home.
I'm assuming it made me laugh in some drunken way or another...
20th Jan 2008, 19:09   comments (0)

Alcohol in funny bottles!

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From poland, called "popsy"
tastes horrible!!!!!!! vodka and vanilla drink of some sort....
19th Jan 2008, 20:11   comments (2)