I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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I am a fool

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I can;t get onto windows after messing up my GRUB in linux and now can't access important things. oops!!!! anyone able to help?!
13th Oct 2007, 19:02   comments (5)


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6th Oct 2007, 11:54   comments (2)

Incubus from Thursday

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Friend had a spare ticket which I purchased. Hooray for me!
I should learn how to use my cameraphone to its full potential really.....
22nd Sep 2007, 13:05   comments (3)

In the ladies loo at manchester uni stu

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In the ladies loo at manchester uni student union.
20th Sep 2007, 18:26   comments (4)


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18th Sep 2007, 16:18   comments (2)

My new room! Minus additions to the wal

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My new room!
Minus additions to the walls.
16th Sep 2007, 22:01   comments (3)


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11th Sep 2007, 23:32   comments (0)


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So I couldn't find the toner I use and other ones I've used made my skin worse, so I wrote to the company!

The good news: They sent me a bottle for free!
The bad news: Its been discontinued. GUTTED!!!!!
11th Sep 2007, 10:16   comments (1)