I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

by spongevid

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randomly messing with phone, ended up with this!
23rd Apr 2007, 00:46   comments (6)

insert expletives here.......

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and a ruddy lot of them too..
I think my iPod has just died on me, all my music on it has vanished and windows nor ubuntu no longer recognises its been plugged in.

and the worst fecking thing was I had plugged it in to back all my sodding music up onto dvd as it wasn't backed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd Apr 2007, 22:00   comments (11)

The best sauce in the world!!!

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kicks but on all other sauces I think!
but does not taste good with kit kats!

hey big spender!

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19th Apr 2007, 18:23   comments (3)

flock wrapping paper!!

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I have a newfound love for Paperchase, and not just for their fantastic
wrapping paper!
18th Apr 2007, 16:24   comments (31)


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and then kept safe!
18th Apr 2007, 11:31   comments (1)

Julia is a member in bloc party...

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...as am I but the phot isn't on my phone
17th Apr 2007, 15:18   comments (1)

yet another faulty party ring!

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I recall posting before about getting a party ring with no stripes seen
here: http://moblog.co.uk/view.php?id=137180

so i sent an email and blagged 3quids worth of Fox's vouchers.About a year later we stumble over ANOTHER faulty party ring!! Julia was so distressed over this we had to capture the moment....

A complaint is on the way again.....