I burnt my nose with the hair straightners!

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16th Sep 2006, 20:18   comments (3)

In search of a ringtone...

...so you get a lovely rendition of me singing it.
it came with loads of early nokia polyphonic phones, and i really want the ringtone.
does anyone here have any idea what it was called?!
16th Sep 2006, 01:12   comments (3)

dave and his hat...

(viewed 954 times)
...made from an asda receipt!
13th Sep 2006, 01:45   comments (2)

I own more books than I knew!

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12th Sep 2006, 11:50   comments (7)

on hold....

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Counting last nights two attempts and todays, its so far a total of one and half hours...And counting! Argh!
9th Sep 2006, 13:52   comments (0)

new lappy!

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With a delightful practically silent fan! Yay!
This windows thing needs to be changed though. Its gave me an error after the first switch on! Haaaa! Lame!
7th Sep 2006, 13:45   comments (2)


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5th Sep 2006, 17:27   comments (0)

my sister in NZ

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4th Sep 2006, 17:26   comments (6)