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Frustrated musician moonlighting as an I.T. geek seeks shithot likeminded acoustic musicians in the storming Irish trad/Bluegrass genres to turn the UK festival circuit on its head. Apply here..

Hurrah! Festival season is upon us.
I'm now ready for a summer of festival and musical debauchery.
Got the quality sound and picture recording portion of my life sorted out finally, the worlds best festival tent, a whole f*cktonne of enthusiasm and limitless alcohol.

Bring it on and maybe see some of you down the line (or in casualty getting our stomachs pumped) ^_^

All images submitted are copyright me. If for some strange reason you did want to use any of them please contact me and i'm sure we can work something out.

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(viewed 559 times)
Earl and squaerl.
10th May 2006, 21:05   comments (0)

ghostly pussy

(viewed 786 times)
Spooky pub cat belonging to the Green Dragon Inn in Hardraw in Wensleydale
10th May 2006, 21:02   comments (0)

Oh I do like to be beside..

(viewed 602 times)
..the seaside.
10th May 2006, 20:56   comments (0)


(viewed 611 times)
Full size version of me Earl avatar.

Lookin' mighty fine for all you lady monkeys out there with a penchant for bathroom wear.
10th May 2006, 20:51   comments (0)


(viewed 713 times)
He got bored sitting on the dash..
10th May 2006, 19:22   comments (4)


(viewed 735 times)
Earl, warrior of the road..
10th May 2006, 19:19   comments (2)

More graffiti

(viewed 686 times)
Bit more from i'm assuming the same artist. Will get a better pic of this
one soon and hopefully lots more when I get around bi-pedially later this
week rather than in the pap-pap
10th May 2006, 09:32   comments (1)

Graffiti feat

(viewed 809 times)
There are some real feats of graffiti round Sheffield. The guy/gal who did
this (i'm assuming it's the same person, same style and all) has done some
awesome murals throughout the town on sides of pubs, shop shutters etc. I
will endeavour to blog some if I remember, they are really striking and
beautiful. A rare talent in my eyes.
8th May 2006, 13:23   comments (3)