SOLAS Summer School 2005

by sss05

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Pictures from the second SOLAS Summer School, Cargèse, Corsica, 2005.

SOLAS is an international environmental research programme - the Surface-Ocean Lower-Atmosphere Study.

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If you want to post some pictures of the summer school to this page,
attach them to an eMail to:
/> eMail size must be less than 256kB, so the picture less than ~150kB.
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Photogallery started

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These are some impressions of Corsica and the SummerSchool. If you like
to see more then have a look at:
/> CIAo
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Spaghetti di Manuel

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Le Micheline

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Narrow guage railway across the mountains of Corsica, from Bastia in the north
to Ajaccio in the west.
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L'Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargese

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Auto Manuel

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Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen discusses "the Great Acceleration"

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Dinoflagellate through the microscope

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