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sweet dreams

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Novosibirsk train station a month ago
14th Sep 2008, 21:02   comments (4)

Apples&Canabis in Ulianovsk

We went to Ulianovsk, the home town of Lenin, mekka for all soviet children. There is, of course, huge memorial with old houses where Lenin family used to live with hundret memorial plaque like 'here they moved at 18**, here in 18** were born Lenin's brother or sister' etc. We came a bit late to see the stuff inside so we were strolling around. The monument is dedicated to young Lenin and his mother. As you see, it is being forgotten already by people but the spiders.
There are lots of apple trees around Lenin's memorial and as a result lots of apples. Only few of those trees give tasty fruits.
Not so far we found a house with huge canabis bush 2 meters high exactly in front of. As long as I don't smoke this stuff have no idea if it's good.
13th Sep 2008, 07:36   comments (5)

last summer days

just 12 km walking in the forest out of moscow. 2 kilos of hazelnuts & a jawache :-)
12th Sep 2008, 19:48   comments (4)

late night walk

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12th Sep 2008, 19:44   comments (3)

from moscow to ural

Gorno-Altaysk (noon)
somewhere before Novosibirsk (sunset)
Omsk (sunset)
Chelyabinsk (sunrise)
Ufa (sunrise)

just impressive
24th Aug 2008, 20:29   comments (8)

my friend mom's birthday

official part at the restaurant & the next day out of town
about 30 people, parents & children all together. we took SAMOVAR for tea and made UKHA (russian fish based clear soup) & SHASHLIKI.
well, I wish to have same party when I'm 50 ;-)
that was great sunny day!
even wasps were congradulating :-)
20th Aug 2008, 08:00   | tags:,comments (8)

moebius eclipse (01/08/08)

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the 1st of August
somewhere between Biysk & Gorno-Altaysk
well, eclipse was the only reason to go to middle of siberia, lie down in the field of ripening buckwheat and watching such miracle. one of the most impressive things I have ever seen...

when in the middle of the normal day sun is playing with clouds and nature is living its own life without expecting something outstanding, the moon shadow starts to cover the sun. Bfish discovered that it has started only when 1/3 of the sun was closed - the sun is so bright. And then within 15 minutes you are wayting for something you haven't seen yet. There is no total darkness yet but bees are going home by mistake and mosquitoes start to hunt for their victims. Everything is totally changing. It becomes darker and darker. And in the end you see only indigo sky with a few stars and bright golden ring. It is only for 2.5 minutes but was enough to start and stop wars some few hundreds years ago.
If you ever go for eclipse don't stay in big cities. You might never get that strange feeling...

19th Aug 2008, 22:20   | tags:comments (24)

Kremlin the day before yesterday

it was a beautiful sunny day. we were walking around picturing kremlin to make my stupid idea come true. I hope you'll see the result as soon as possible ;-)
28th Jul 2008, 18:12   | tags:,,comments (7)