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Hot and luvverly, fresh from the street – Street Style is home for the fashion that really counts. If it pumps your nads, point – click – whack it up straight from your mobile.

You can send pictures (or videos) to Street Style very easily using your camera phone or computer.

So to send in some style from the streets, simply MMS a photo from your phone to:

with the word "street" in the subject or body of your MMS. (This will cost no more than your normal MMS rates.)

To send in some street style if you are outside the UK, want to keep it even cheaper or prefer to use your computer, email your picture straight to:

Your street-style-spot will be published immediately, sartorial inspiration for the world at large.

To fill in the Street Style questionnaire alongside your pic, write the NAME, AGE and THE LOOK of the Stylish One into your MMS/email, plus your own name. If you're emailing, you can cut & paste this form for ease:


Favourite Record:
Favourite Club:

Just so you know, it's a one shot deal, you won't be able to edit the text later, but you can always add the extra questionnaire stuff afterwards using "Add A Comment" below your picture.

You don't need to be a member of moblogUK to contribute to Street Style, but if you like taking pictures and sharing them, then you might want to

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Japan Street Style

(viewed 2582 times)
16th Jan 2007, 17:43   | tags:,,,,comments (0)

Street Style

(viewed 1786 times)
16th Jan 2007, 17:37   | tags:,comments (6)

BLAPPPPPPPP and whatnot

(viewed 982 times)
NAME: Rabbi Pie
AGE: 18
Likes: being a hypocrite and Richard O' Brien
Dislikes: hypocrites and Ed Tudor Pole
Favourite Record: The Twist - Metric
Favourite Club: TESCO DISCO
11th Jan 2007, 17:48   comments (3)

street style VERSUS french police!

(viewed 13448 times)
Name - Lady Dandelion and Sara
Age - 24 and 19
The Look - flumpy and streaky
Likes - English policemen
Dislikes - Jacques Chirac and his style suppressing cronies
Fave Record - Vive la Fete - Noir Desir
Fave Club - Ghetto in London, Red Light a Paris!
11th Jan 2007, 12:28   | tags:,,comments (3)

(viewed 1568 times)
NAME: Jordan Gray
AGE: nearly 17
THE LOOK: unique, but if i must, I'd say Peter Doherty crossed with Faris Rotter.
Likes: Good Music, Football, Parties, Weekends.
Dislikes: Being bored, Writers block, Orson, Coursework.
Favourite Record: ooohh hard one, of all time I'd say The Manic Street Preachers - If you tolerate this. At the moment it's got to be The Arctic Monkeys - Cigarette smoke.
Favourite Club: koko, Camden
5th Jan 2007, 14:24   | tags:,,comments (1)

street style

(viewed 1261 times)
Name: Mary and Dina
Place: Greenwich, trying to get a tan :(
Likes: Playing imaginary twins and dressing trash-chic, roller skating,
neopolitan ice cream
Dislikes: Nu-rave (what the f*ck is that about?), NME, doilies, Ikea,
Record: I Like Boys by Missing Persons
x x x
28th Dec 2006, 12:34   | tags:,comments (4)

Street Style

(viewed 1081 times)
NAME: Kate Callaghan
AGE: 16
THE LOOK: A blind dispraxic monkey dresses me

Likes: Justin Lee Collins, Coffin Joe, and Rich Tea biccies
Dislikes: Jimmy Carr, Enter Shikari, and cows
Favourite Record: Tiga-You Gona Want Me
Favourite Club: SeOne
20th Dec 2006, 21:24   comments (12)

Street Style

NAME: HollyPants.
THE LOOK: I rock Mum's old school Ken Dones, band shirts, alot of pointless jewlery and heaps of eyeliner/glitter. Pretty much I wear wat I feel like at that time.
THE PLACE: The HiFi/Mt Eliza/TLC Bar/The Castle.
LIKES: Local gigs, soy sauce & MySpace.
DISLIKES: Fulli Siick Yuleighs.
FAVORITE RECORD: Don't ask me that, local shit I guess. Go make your soul happy and download some Duvtons, Arpejio, One Dead Dream, I Killed The Prom Queen, Pro Team,Carpathian and Antonamasia.
FAVORITE CLUB: Underaged, duh. I hit up The Castle alot though. Gigs are my clubs.

PS -
19th Dec 2006, 06:42   comments (2)
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