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This is the unofficial site for the project Sunderlandtosaigon and is just the ramblings of three weary travellers on an adventurous journey.
It in no way represents or reflects the views of Monkwearmouth Station Museum or Tyne and Wear Museums, if you want to see the grownup site try
/> as this is just abit of fun for friends and family!

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Some of the people we've met

A few of the people we've met on our travels. Thanks for playing a part in
this wonderful project, sorry for not blogging you all earlier.Jennie, Jon and Kate x x x_________________________________________________________________
Solve the Conspiracy and win fantastic prizes.
10th Mar 2007, 05:12   comments (2)

Saigon, our final destination

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All too quickly, our amazing journey from Sunderland to Saigon came to an end. The locals were jubilant at our success, and offered to drive us home by scooter. We declined, and opted for the airport.We shot our last footage as the sun set over the city, and we toasted our great adventure.It may be the end of this trip, but it's not the end of this blog...
10th Mar 2007, 05:06   comments (1)


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The overriding memory from Vietnam will be scooters. They are everywhere, and are as much a social symbol as the mobile phone. They're used to carry incredible quantities of goods, some more safe than others! Entire families use one bike, the record was five people. We were also tickled by the variety of smog filters worn, even more so when we discovered they are really sun protection to keep skin as white as possible.
10th Mar 2007, 04:56   comments (0)

Nha Trang (the seaside) Vietnam

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Stopping off in Nha Trang, we said goodbye to the lovely but bemused old lady from our train carriage. She was a trained psychologist and confirmed our mental health had deteriorated somewhat.Took in the local temples by motorbike taxi, with kit, and met Binh, our driver. He's a great guy, served in the American war as a helicopter pilot, had a second career as an English teacher, and now to eke out an existence he rides a motorbike. Compare this to a teacher or helicopter pilot in the West. He even came to the train station to see us off safely.We've seen some fantastic sights, but it's still the people we meet that are most special.
10th Mar 2007, 04:47   comments (0)

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Hanoi is a mad place and the immediate thing that hits you is the numbers of scooters. Its like a wasps nest with the buzzing little things comming at you from all angles. Customs and the border controls between China and Vietnam extended our run of nights with little sleep to four, so we went and got pissed at the Half Man Half Noodle bar,a great place with cool music and well worth a visit next time you are all in Hanoi. Lashed it down most of our stay, but next stop the beach at Nha Trang so we don't care.
3rd Mar 2007, 07:03   comments (9)

Guilin: fascinating place, fantastic people

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Pictures say a thousand words...
27th Feb 2007, 15:59   comments (6)

Guess where and what?

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Ok so the last comp was too easy so here's another. Can u tell us what this is and have a guess where we took the Pic? Pair of genuine Vietnamese chop sticks for the winner!!!!!!!!!!!
27th Feb 2007, 15:47   comments (12)

missed from moblog 'Beijing'

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Sorry Bart and Debora!
27th Feb 2007, 15:41   comments (1)
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