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Random snappings from Reading, Berkshire and beyond

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Guess the cartoon characters

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Ok, so my girlfriend (on the right) and her friend went to a party
tonight. They both had to dress up as their favourite cartoon
characters. But who are they?? (HINT: They are both from the same
3rd Dec 2005, 22:22   comments (5)

Merry December 1st

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Trust me, it wasn't my idea...
3rd Dec 2005, 22:20   comments (0)

Home taping is killing music

(viewed 806 times)
Music being murdered before your eyes
3rd Dec 2005, 22:04   comments (0)


(viewed 829 times)
And the my girlfriend asked 'where are we now then?'
14th Aug 2005, 12:13   comments (2)

Get yer ale here!

(viewed 776 times)
Aggressive beer marketing in London.
13th Aug 2005, 19:10   comments (0)

Free festival in London

(viewed 890 times)
Fruitstock, free soul and jazz festival in Regents Park, London.
6th Aug 2005, 13:50   comments (0)


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23rd Jul 2005, 20:50   comments (0)


(viewed 756 times)
Disused building where raves be happening. Wickid bruv.
16th Jul 2005, 00:03   comments (0)
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