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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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day of the dead taco stop

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people with cameras sit and eat and take photos of anything around them. Good people and the best food.

Toronto reporting in

Hallowe'en, having a great time, Rob carved the pumpkin with sunglasses. very busy night.
31st Oct 2010, 23:28   comments (5)

it's hallowe'en and we likes our rats

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The middle photo is of the remains of Banksy's rat in Chinatown. I still like that he came here.
31st Oct 2010, 05:41   | tags:,,comments (4)

for earthlad, what happens to trucks in Toronto

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I was surprised to learn from Earthlad that in Bristol, epicentre of public art, that trucks were not targeted for 'improvement'. The trucks here, and many around the city look like this. Some owners have given up fighting it and ask for a team to just 'do' the truck. Once there is a known piece, chances are, it won't even be tagged.
30th Oct 2010, 03:21   | tags:,,comments (3)

Toronto police car for Crickson

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A toronto policeman in a smart car?

no way.

we have an an image to uphold.
30th Oct 2010, 03:00   comments (12)

nuit blanche toronto 2010

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My favourite night in Toronto. A million people, the roads closed and full of people talking to each other, having adventures, seeing some great art. This year fire was very popular because it was chilly. In the centre of Toronto, there was a very large fire, with everyone asking where were the marshmallows.

nuit blanche toronto

living north, living the mushroom life

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It's late and I am off in the morning, back up north before the frost hits next week. It's a race and until it's over, I am on fungus planet north. My apologies for not being around.
6th Oct 2010, 08:09   | tags:comments (10)


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I feel guilty about moblog. Somewhere along the line, I decided that all my plant photos were just boring on moblog and I should put them somewhere else. so I have been putting them on flickr. I have been working on plant photos for a while. In the beginning it was work and now it is for me. I really feel sad when the comment I made at night on moblog is still there when I check up in the morning. Facebook has killed moblog, and most blogs. I joined Facebook for a while, and it was ok, but nothing like the contact, the wit, the fun I had here. Nothing is as slow as moblog, but it's my true home on the interwebs. I miss so many people and value those still here, but I feel like it is a ghost of itself, something that was, and is no longer. I owe something. I learned so much here, made such good friends, laughed so hard when I didn't expect it......

my flickr
and a nice hl

30th Sep 2010, 05:26   comments (39)