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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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Hey, let's go to the island

Toronto Island is actually a couple of islands, a twenty minute ferry ride off the city. It's a magic place and sometime I should take photos of things that are not plants on the island.

Taking a ferry somewhere is generally a good thing. Except in high seas when they pull out the plywood and put it over the windows, as happens in New Brunswick.
4th Sep 2010, 01:03   comments (6)

Tastes like chicken

I don't want to fill up my blog with my plant photos, but this fungus is so unreal, I need to put it here. It is growing in High Park, Toronto, on a decaying black oak stump. I think it looks very unCanadian, being so flashy and tropical. They say you can eat it. Tastes like chicken. Like everything.

trying for fisheye

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17th Aug 2010, 07:05   comments (12)


Native plants of the North
American oak savannah and the tall grass prairie.

black oak savannah with bugs

I think the only word for what Japanese beetles do here is eat and clusterfuck.
14th Aug 2010, 04:27   comments (4)

plant architecture

except the bottom photo is from my friend Dane's tree. It is being destroyed by sapsuckers. This is the pattern they leave on the branch. I always thought they were okay until Dane showed me. tree killers.
14th Aug 2010, 04:15   comments (7)

this is what is burning in Russia

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Sphagnum moss builds up in bogs for years, centuries, forming layers of peat underground. Peat burns slowly and with a log of smoke. Peat fires are very hard to put out because the fire travels underground. Hoping for big rain in Russia.

give me snow

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Since June, it has been disgustingly hot and humid and polluted. It does not end. I just needed a little snow memory today.
5th Aug 2010, 15:53   comments (10)