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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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July Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island is so far no one will come visit me when I go there. It is surrounded by Lake Huron, and you have to take a ferry for two hours to get there. The forests and alvars are pristine and untouched, and all kinds of wonderful things live there.
19th Sep 2014, 05:17   comments (5)

Walking Toronto

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Edit....I have deleted some images because it makes me nervous with this many hits on one post...Hiking downtown through Kensington Market, through Chinatown and then home. A beautiful sunny spring day.
25th Apr 2014, 01:04   comments (7)

Happy Easter, happy whatever pagan spring things you want to do

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Every spring I go to Montreal to see Facto and the people I grew up with, at the annual BBQ. We all show up, some bring music, or their kids, or food, cake, lots of cake this year...old friends, family, and in Canada, a way to say we made it, it was an awful winter, and hey, have a drink, we're all still here. Coming home was an adventure, the train got stuck, we sat on the track for three hours and were bussed to Toronto, and finally I make to the subway, so tired and kinda pissed off and there's this guy in rabbit ears.I have nothing but respect for a big guy who is PROUD TO WEAR BUNNY EARS.
20th Apr 2014, 06:59   | tags:comments (4)

I always thought Facto's bowls needed a foot

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Facto makes the most lovely thin bowls with metallic glazes. Light as a feather. I keep berries, acorns and snail shells in them. Today I decided the bowls needed a foot, some elevation, so I put them on the things I brought home from the forest last summer. It was a balancing act.

My seeds sprouted!

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I am growing swamp milkweed for Monarch butterflies. I started seeds a week ago and they ALL germinated. I have a swamp milkweed farm now. Hundreds of them. I think I might be in big trouble when they get bigger.

an early spring sunny day in Toronto

The sun comes out. They are filming the tv series 'Beauty and the beast', bare branches reveal a Montreal Canadiens fan, construction rampant, a shy Toronto policeman, and hey, the tourists are back.
4th Apr 2014, 01:58   comments (5)

Dirty old spring

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It was a tough winter in Canada. The sun shines warmer, but early spring is not pretty. The city snow melts to black piles of litter, garbage is exposed, Christmas decorations mock, the ground is still frozen, nothing is green. However, the days are longer, the sun is warmer, the birds are flying north, people are happier.

squirrel nut case

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This is the squirrel birdfeeder war. The birdfeeder hangs outside my window filled with sunflower seeds. The only way a squirrel can get to it is by hurling itself onto the screen, turning around and doing a leap onto the very slippery birdfeeder, and then hanging upside down to get the seeds. I think last winter the squirrels got as much as the birds. Fair enough.
1st Apr 2014, 14:48   | tags:,comments (9)