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There is a crack in everything That's how the light gets in

Mon pays, c'est l'hiver.
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it's a potato chip,

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it's a seashell, it's a wood, it's the wood staircase that Frank built.

The staircase is cantilevered over the floor of the atrium, and rises three stories, to above the roof where it allows a great view of the city.

I have no photo to say what i want

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christmas means no phone calls, no rest of the world intruding. I surface and wtf, isreal is bombing palestine. I want to resign from the human race. I go to see the new Art Gallery of Ontario Frank Ghery addition. It is wonderful. applause all round. cartwheels. The curves in the staircase could make us dance. It is beautiful. A wonderful, an affirmation of life, of its complexity of how things can fit together, how things can move us, how we are one people if you scrape off the crap. This staircase is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It was done with the attention to detail, with craftsmanship and pride, so in its sensitvty to the best in us, the current news makes me outraged, angry, and without a photo to say that.

I have a lot of photos of what Frank Ghery did here, and he did a good thing, so I will post them.


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good things to mobloggers large and small,
to those mobloggers cool and tall
some are in south africa, italy and france
and mobloggers who drink, run up mountains, eat and dance--
to those who have babies, children or cats,
or those special few who photograph bats....

best wishes to all. xx

24th Dec 2008, 19:42   comments (12)

I'm dreaming of a white...

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it has recently been pointed out to me that most strollers are designed and built in countries where there is great design and no snow.
20th Dec 2008, 02:27   comments (13)

backstage at the pageant

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14th Dec 2008, 03:59   comments (11)

no dogs. just fences.

all the way to this beach and no dogs allowed. I don't know what the fences are for--the sand does not look like it is leaving soon. Lake Ontario looks as big as an ocean.
7th Dec 2008, 09:08   comments (13)

"what should I save first?

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the contemporary or the classics?"

fireman at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Firemen were called bacause there was smoke in one of the elevators. fire out. art saved.

sunset birch

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I love this tree. I see it every day.
25th Nov 2008, 00:55   comments (13)